Inspiring And Enabling People
To Make A Difference

Tailored Transformations

What capabilities do our people need to deliver the changes?The cost of pushing square pegs into round holes is greater than you might think.  Too often, teams are constructed and jobs divided up according to the specific skillset of the individuals rather than their strengths – the result, sub optimal performance and low energy.

However, if you take the time to assess the strengths of your team members you are working with nature and your results will be transformed.

Gallup’s “StrenghtsFinder” system has been researched and refined with the input of millions of people worldwide.  In our opinion, it is by far the best tool for identifying how to obtain top performance from an individual and, using our Strong Team Diagnostic, a powerful team building mechanism that will unlock potential dramatically.

Combining the strengths of your team members will create new delivery options which the team will identify themselves.  As a result, the new ways of working are owned by the team and the motivation levels are boosted significantly.

A team working to it’s strengths will align itself quickly to your change plan and begin to explore the opportunities that the change will bring.  Your leadership message will be heard with greater enthusiasm and you will see the focus required to drive through the change at an operational level.

Building “STRONG” teams is a short-cut to the delivery of your transformation projects …and then some!

As well as highlighting the best combination of strengths within your teams, our Strong Teams Diagnostic has consistently revealed  hidden talents inside organisations that have benefited our clients in many unforeseen ways, for example;

  • A marketing team seeking a skilled facilitator to extend their influence inside the organisation, saved thousand of pounds in recruitment costs when they discovered that their most junior team member already had all the strengths required to do the job with ease and enthusiasm.
  • An administrative assistant supporting a “service improvement” team at a major hospital was utilised to break the ice with resistant colleagues – a job she neither feared nor resented as it was simply tapping into her natural strengths.
  • The Chairman of the Board of an FMCG client decided to use the Strengthsfinder test and analysis to plug the blind spots in the non-executive team, improving performance immediately.

“The Strong Team Diagnostic completed by Simesco transformed our team overnight.  I thought I knew the best people for the tasks ahead, but the insights provided changed everything.  This is the best team-building session I have ever experienced and has been instrumental in helping keep hold of my most talented personnel.” – John H, Corporate Marketing Director, FMCG

If the stories above resonate with you and you want your workforce to join you in the quest for quality, innovation and performance, contact Simon Phillips (Simesco CEO).