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11th Hour Power

I experienced some amazing synchronicity this morning.  I managed to finish an important project in the very last minutes of the available time and then read an email that said; “Never forget the power of the 11th hour- in all you do! Stay willing, stay open and jump on the...
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Your Top 5 Time Challenges – No.1 – Email

Email was far and away the number one time challenge reported in our survey.  It accounted for at least one in every two responses!  The reasons why it was a challenge varied but most were overwhelmed by the sheer volume for emails they received or needed to send each day.  It is...

“Go On – Motivate Me!”

My favourite definition of Motivation is that it is the “motive for action”. So, when we seek to motivate our teams or our colleagues we should be thinking constantly “what’s in it for them?” This is particularly true if we are seeking to motivate people over whom we have little...