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Your Top 5 Time Challenges : No. 4 – Prioritisation

Before I share your No.4 Time Challenge, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all of your personal messages and wishes. The launch of the new book went really well yesterday and it’s great to see orders flying in from all parts of the world. Mastering Time is a real...
Mastering Time 24/7

Your Top 5 Time Challenges : No. 5 – Information Overload

First of all, thanks to everyone who took part in the survey I conducted asking you to share your top time challenges as we enter the second decade of the 21st Century. In total, I have surveyed, interviewed and discussed the Top challenges with over 1000 people on Ecademy,...
ILM Recognised Provider

Simesco becomes an ILM approved provider

Simesco Limited is proud to announce that it has become an Approved Provider for the Institute of Leadership & Management. The ILM aspires to be a global authority on Leadership & Management, creating and supporting the largest management community world-wide, combining...
Life Balance - the ying and the yang

FREE Life Balance Test

Is your life in balance? Do you lurch from one missed appointment to another unnecessary deadline? Or, do you just wish you felt a bit more in control? This Life Balance Test will give you an instant measure of your current life balance.  You can even Tweet your score afterwards...

Simon Phillips asked to be a tutor at the Hampshire School for Social Entrepreneurs

The Hampshire School for Social Entrepreneurs (HSSE) exists to provide training and opportunities to enable people to use their creative and entrepreneurial abilities for social benefit. Last year, Simon gave a brief talk to members of the school about social media and effective...