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Everything we do is rooted in how we prefer to use our energy. When life is difficult or challenging or boring, it is usually because our preferences are being neglected; when life is exciting, fulfilling and joyous it is usually because we are in flow and acting according to our preferences. The challenge is knowing what those preferences are and that’s why all of our learning programmes start by raising levels of self-awareness using the Personal Impact colour model of behaviour and profiling tool. Derived from the psychology of Carl Jung, this model is simple, affordable, global and effective.

Our own individual effectiveness is also intrinsically bound up in our relationships with others – whether as leader, manager, team member, seller or recruiter. And it is human nature for our behavioural differences to impact on our relationships – put simply, the more different we are, the more likely it is I will see your weaknesses before your strengths. For instance, have a look at the colour wheel on the right below, whilst we all use all 4 of our colour “energies”, our preferences impact others in ways that we do not always perceive. To see this for yourself; choose the colour that on the left that is your least preferred colour and then look at the words that describe that colour on the right. Is that how you might describe the behaviour of people you find “difficult”? Crucially, whilst behavioural differences may cause difficulty, they can also bring tremendous opportunities, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Understanding these dynamics is critical to building effective, collaborative relationships, the foundation of improved performance.

Colour Preferences Comparison

We work with the Clarity4D model which is web-based and by clicking onto a link and answering 20 questions as the “instinctive” you rather than the “work” you, we are able to produce an 11 page unique personal impact profile.


The Clarity4D profiles incorporate a coaching workbook, behavioural model and a psychometric tool.

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