Inspiring And Enabling People
To Make A Difference

Engagement and Ownership

How do we get the right people on board with the change?All successful companies understand that their ability to connect people to their brand is critical.  Marketing experts are paid handsomely to get it right and deliver bottom line results.
If you were feeling really cynical you could look at the latest advertising campaign by Microsoft as a blatent misrepresentation of the reasons why Windows® has been updated yet again.  The true extent to which customer requirements drive software improvements is probably  almost impossible to measure, but by featuring customers claiming to have had the big idea in the advertisements, Microsoft is displaying a great knowledge of human psychology and change marketing.

So, what are you doing to market your change successfully?

Market research companies will run focus groups and interview customers to sew the seeds of involvement, but to get the same level of engagement inside your organisation at the planning stage could take weeks and this will be time reluctantly given up by your best people because they are busy delivering today’s results and facing today’s challenges.

At Simesco, we believe wholeheartedly in the 80:20 rule and always look to complete the bulk of the planning in as short a time as possible.  We work with everyone that needs to be involved, wherever they may be in the world and, through the effective deployment of web technology, can deliver you a plan to kick-start your change process in as little as a few hours.

Just like speed reading, rapid planning increases the quality of the output…and saves you money at the same time!

We have been helping clients to run “lean” rapid planning events for a number of years and the issues are always the same – limited availability of key stakeholders, prohibitive cost of bringing everyone together, constant repetition to ensure everyone is on the same page. We still offer this service when there are additional team building benefits of active participation. But since we met the guys at iSpot, our minds have been opened to a whole new paradigm. In just one session, we can now deliver a more comprehensive plan, with increased commitment from all stakeholders and involve team members from across the globe when necessary!

Imagine – a prioritised plan, which everyone has created and signed up to delivering?

This is how you get your change projects off to a flying start.

“Using i-Spot’s advanced facilitation workshops, we generated over 1 months worth of thinking and decision making in 3 days, delivered a sustainable plan back into the business, and saved ourselves in excess of £500,000 in one year.” Ian Stephenson, Group Director – HSE Technip

If you would like a 15 minute demonstration of how you can achieve similar results (it won’t take any longer), contact Simon Phillips (Simesco CEO).