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The Power of Mentoring

Mentoring is a powerful process through which you can achieve massive gains and accelerate the achievement of your goals.

The mentoring process uses the experience, knowledge and skills of the Mentor in a way that makes progress inevitable.

The T.I.M.E. Mentor

Mentoring is similar to coaching, with one key distinction.

A great coach will help you tap into your own massive pool of resources and innate talent to propel you towards the achievement of your goals;

whereas mentoring starts from the premise that there are some things you do not already know and, no matter how much soul searching and options-thinking you try, you may never know, without the input of someone who has direct experience of the challenges you are facing.  This is particularly relevant when the desired outcome includes learning a new skill or knowledge.

For Individuals

Knowing what you want, why you want it and how you are planning to get it are the three main ingredients for success in any walk of life.  Simon Phillips can help you with all three and provide you with the critical support you need as you take your first steps.  Simon is an award winning personal development specialist and he has mentored people in all walks of life and at every level of business to become more effective and live more fulfilling lives.  Working either on a 1-2-1 basis or through Mentoring Circles, he helps them transform their performance and he can do the same for you.

Typical participants:
  • Have solid life experience to build on.
  • Have a desire to do something different and potentially something they feel is more significant with their life.
  • Are wondering where their “me time” has gone and why Work Life Balance always seem to be weighed down with Work.
  • Are at a crossroads in life and may fear the consequences of following their dream.
  • Are switching careers or employers and want to make a big impression in their first 120 days.


charlotte wickins - small“I found my Personal Impact psychometric profile to be a positive revelation! Simon’s support is so inspiring and motivational – he has helped me attract a job to which I am naturally aligned.”

Charlotte Wickins MBA


Mentoring Skills Programme

If you would like to introduce Mentoring into your organisation and create a culture focused on development and practical improvement, the best way to do it is to train your front-line managers the key skills of mentoring and support them whilst they implement them.  For more information, right click and download this document – Mentoring Skills Programme.

How Can We Help?

Obviously, all of the personal effectiveness challenges are dealt with in detail in the Mastering Time online course, but if you wish to accelerate your progress or just need to sort out an issue that’s been holding you back for too long, Contact Us, and tell us, in a few words, about the challenges you are facing.  Put the word “Mentoring” in the Subject field and someone will get back to you asap.

If you would like a copy of our mentoring eBook, just click on the book cover below.  “My Mentoring Handbook” is a complete overview of everything you need to know about mentoring; from seeking out a suitable mentor through to getting the best out of every interaction.  Download it now for just £3.

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