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You have made a great decision to take action and ensure you never again feel at the mercy of time.  Mastering Time is not just a personal development masterclass, it s a lifetime of support and confidence to help you live the life of your dreams, on your terms.

The single most important skill you can ever learn is the ability to effectively and efficiently manage your time.

It’s like so many things in life: once you’re following a productive system that will manage and control your time, breaking down even the most complex tasks into small, manageable actions, enabling you to get things done quickly becomes almost effortlessly easy.

However, to achieve that, you first need to overcome the three biggest challenges to mastering time:

  1. Knowing with your Time Style and working with the Time Styles of others
  2. Iron-clad Motivation – to have you jumping out of bed every morning and excited at the day ahead
  3. Discipline – the backbone of delivering results but also the achilles heel for many

Mastering Time is filled with the most powerful strategies and techniques that help you overcome these barriers first so that you can develop the skills of time management effortlessly.  I’ve taught them to thousands of people during the last 12 years working with companies like LloydsTSB, easyJet, MARS Drinks, the NHS, United Utilities, Shell Oil, Wrigleys and Accenture.

“Time management systems work, it’s mostly just common sense; and yet many people still feel disorganised, stressed and out of control.  So what’s missing?  What is the master key?”


Here’s what you will get in the Mastering Time Development Programme

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Mastering Time,” is a series of 9 videos created specifically to help you “crack the code” to effectively manage your time inside and outside work.  It will not only double your productivity, so you’re easily delivering top results year in year out … but you’ll also have a tonne of fun doing it .

Let’s quickly go through what you’ll learn:

Video 1Video 1 Background and Overview


Video 2Video 2: What’s your Learning Style?
Find out how understanding this can transform
the way you approach learning forever.


Video 3Video 3: Life Mapping
What would you do if time and money were no object?
Utilising the incredible power of mind mapping technology,
you will learn how to tune into the best motivational
platform for effective time management.


Video 4Video 4:  Goal Maps
Stephen Covey said, “begin with the end in mind” and
that’s exactly what we’ll be doing to find out what you
need to do to get started on your most exciting goals!


Video 5Video 5: Responsibility & Confidence
This video includes the Master Key to Mastering Time –
get this right and you’ll never struggle
with any aspect of managing time again.


Video 6Video 6: Time Styles Explained
Find out what your Time Style is and then
transform your relationship with others
by mastering how to work with their time styles
and influence them more effectively.


Video 7Video 7: Effective Fundamentals Part 1
How to control the email mountain and other great strategies
for increasing your effectiveness at work
and reclaiming your own time for renewal.


Video 8Video 8: Effective Fundamentals Part 2
More strategies and tools for boosting your effectiveness
including how to make the most of meetings.


Video 9Video 9: Power Strategies
Three strategies that you can put into action immediately
and accelerate your journey towards becoming a Time Master!


Video 10Video 10: Review
A quick review of the key highlights and a reminder
of your commitment to excellence. We’ll also look at one last
technique to boost your performance in any field. 

You will also automatically become a Member of the Mastering Time Club which is hosted online 52 weeks a year, enabling you to share your goals and insights and get your questions answered.


What others say about Mastering Time

“Within just 30 days Phillips’ methods will have you living and working more efficiently, allowing you extra time to do more of the things that make you a happy and better person.”

Eddie Barrett Ph.D., Director, Deloitte Consulting

“By utilising these modern tools and techniques I have no doubt that I will gain back time and maximize my personal energy levels.”

Damon Lawrenson, Founder, DDL Consultancy Ltd

“The techniques in Mastering Time are simple to follow, very enlightening and force you to really consider what is important and how you can find the time to be more successful & enjoy yourself more.  I’ve discovered more about myself and my goals, and I’m looking forward to more time to rediscover what is truly important to me both at work & at home.”

Mark Pym, Head of Customer Activity Planning, Asda Stores

“Simon’s 24/7 System on balancing work and living life have helped me earn promotion within the day job, enjoy great family time, and record and release two successful albums via independent release and iTunes!”

Ian Cleverdon, Change Manager, Lloyds Banking Group


My Zero-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

I can’t promise that if you purchase Mastering Time and do absolutely nothing with it, you’ll achieve any type of success. However, I absolutely stand by the quality of the information in this programme, so here’s my guarantee to you …

Use the information and techniques in Mastering Time for a full 30 days and if you honestly don’t feel that Mastering Time is everything I say it is, if you aren’t absolutely thrilled, simply email me at the address I give you and you will receive a prompt and courteous 100% refund. No questions asked.

Yes you heard me right, I’ll give you 100% of your investment back. You are legally 100% protected – what could be fairer than that?

You have absolutely nothing to lose by checking this out. This is exactly the sort of information I would have dreamed of getting hold of years ago and now it’s available to you in this special deal.  This is an exclusive offer available only to personally invited people – all I ask is that you tell a few of your friends if you think it’s great.

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I’ll see you in the Mastering Time Members Area …

Best Wishes

Simon Phillips

P.S. A month from today, you can be nothing more than 30 days older or you can be on your way to working less, achieving more and having a lot more fun. You decide.

P.P.S. Remember, your purchase is 100% guaranteed. If you don’t honestly feel Mastering Time will help you, then I want you to request a refund. I’m determined to help you succeed.

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