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Leadership delivers Culture Change on Purpose

How come hardly any of our change initiatives seem to deliver?Most change initiatives fail

Not because of a lack of will and certainly not because of a lack of investment; but usually because the full scope and impact of the change has not been understood before the initiative was launched.

Any change inside an organisation affects the culture, even if the change initiative merely reinforces that ‘we are unable to create the change we want around here’!  Occasionally, though, someone or something stumbles upon an idea that takes off with little or no effort – why is that?

We see it all the time at a macro level.  Companies emerge out of nowhere and capture a substantial market segment from established brands.  40% of the FTSE 100 companies have changed in the last three years and technological giant such as Google and Facebook didn’t even exist when most of today’s execs were starting their careers.

However, there is no mystery as to why some changes work and others fail.  Look at any successful change and you will see a potent force at work – alignment!

Culture change is not alchemy…but when you do it right, it works like magic!

Your goal is to align all of the activity inside your organisation to your strategic goals. The model below depicts the four major dimensions of any business – Leadership, Management, Processes and People. Right in the middle is your organisation’s culture. Creating the culture you want, on purpose is all about thinking holistically and making sure that change is implemented across the organisation at pace and consistently.

© Culture Alignment Model - Simesco 2003

Leading culture change successfully demands clarity.  Knowing exactly what it will take to deliver the change you have planned ensures that you can communicate with assurance and passion rather than a hope and a prayer!

However, just because we can help you make your results more predictable, this does not mean everything goes exactly to plan.  Often, there are unexpected, but most welcome, side benefits of leading change so confidently.  Your workforce feels empowered and trusted to deliver beyond your expectations and go the extra mile.

“Simesco helped us to improve from Level 1 to Level 3 on our world class commissioning measure of an “Employer of Choice”. We also doubled our staff satisfaction scores on all key metrics!” – Richard Samuel, Deputy Chief Executive – NHS Hampshire

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