Inspiring And Enabling People
To Make A Difference

Diagnose the motivation to deliver

Why are our people not as engaged as I think they should be?
We have found that you can bring about real culture change by listening closely to what your people are saying – and, sometimes more importantly, to what they’re not saying.  It is accepted that de-motivation stems from a gap between what a person desires and what they experience. Through our unique diagnostic MotiVate workshops, you can really see when and where that happens – for example, this team below showed they were happy with their pay but were not happy with the perceived indecisiveness of their manager.
At Simesco, we have been helping executive teams and HR professionals to implement sustainable culture change for many years.  Now we have systemised the process to deliver our most insightful change programmes ever .  We work with you to implement the powerful diagnostic toolkit that provides intelligence way beyond the traditional staff survey and provides a foundation for effective organisational development.

Sometimes it’s the little things… All the solutions below were identified through our unique programmes


Passengers with a major airline were not being complimentary about the pilots. However, we found that the pilots loved their organisation, felt they were in a great team and even thought their leaders were doing a great job.  The problem? They hated the customer interaction!  The solution? A few minor changes to the passenger welcome process (proposed by the crews) and happiness was restored to the skies!


The Service Improvement team at an NHS Trust were no longer delivering and the ambitious performance targets were at risk.  The problem? The eager manager was doing too much and the team felt disempowered.  The solution?  A short coaching programme with the manager helped her to relax, focus on outcomes and support the team in other ways.  The outcome? Confidence restored as milestones were achieved consistently.


Talented new joiners at a major high street bank were “under-performing” in the eyes of their managers despite the employment package being the best in the industry.  The problem? The company’s social responsibility actions fell short of the recruitment rhetoric.  The solution? Overhaul the Community Involvement Programme and design more meaningful roles in the new corporate structure.  The outcome? Improved morale across the whole workforce.


A County Council had a poor history of delivery when it came to strategic projects, despite having some of their best people involved.  The problem? Teams were established on a rotation basis and certain individuals were not pulling their weight in the knowledge that they would soon be moving on.  The solution? Project teams redesigned to stay together longer and project appraisals initiated.  The outcome? An end to non-delivery.


The HR team within a Pharmaceutical company constantly failed to achieve the demanding standards of their Director.  Poor teamwork was often cited as the reason and the Director had organised no fewer than three “Team Building” sessions to improve performance.  However, the MotiVator analysis revealed that 75% of the team preferred to work on their own goals and deliver independent results.  A quick reallocation of projects and the setting of personal targets was the perfect medicine.

Simesco understand how to get more for less out of organisations, teams and individuals.  Their knowledge of how to deliver sustainable improvement and their willingness to share is exemplary – Jane Pike, Director of Service Improvement – Dorset PCT

If you want to know what is motivating (and demotivating) your staff and transform performance, contact Simon Phillips (Simesco CEO) for a no-obligation discussion.

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