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Calling All HR/OD Directors
How To Get Every Employee Working An Extra
22 Days A Year For Free – And Have Them Thank You For It!
“It’s so easy, it’s embarrassing. Anyone can learn my time management
strategies in a day – instantly saving each employee at least
22 days a year EVERY year for the rest of their careers.”

How would you enjoy suddenly being seen as a “superhero” in your company?

Think of it …

  • No more weekly meetings with the CEO trying to explain the ever-falling productivity numbers and the appalling long-term sickness record …
  • No more conference calls with the Regional Heads to address low company morale …
  • No more listening to the never-ending queue of employees moaning about the lack of work/life balance in your open door meetings with them …

… and let’s not forget your own work/life balance and productivity are probably at rock bottom and your stress levels are through the roof because all the time you’re trying to fix your colleagues’ problems, there’s no-one looking after YOU!

Imagine instead, being able to walk out of a meeting with the CEO with your head held high after showing another week of record productivity numbers or being congratulated by the Regional Heads on the turnaround in company morale.

Imagine receiving thank you notes and emails from colleagues now able to spend more time with their loved ones and you being able to do the same … wouldn’t that all be great?

As you know, the single most important skill any employee can ever learn is the ability to effectively and efficiently manage their time.

However, before your employees can do that, they need to know:

  • What their Time Style is and how to work with the Time Styles of others
  • How they can develop Iron-clad Motivation in the workplace so they jump out of bed every morning, excited at the day ahead
  • How to be Disciplined – the backbone of delivering results but also the Achilles heel for many

Once they’ve mastered these skills and an intuitive and productive system is put into place, even the most complex tasks become effortless, enabling people to get more done in less time, reducing stress at a stroke.

But the most remarkable results come from increased workforce productivity.

For example, one recent client obtained an extra 22 days a year of focused activity for employees going through the programme, generating the equivalent of 10.8 years of productive work from just one division of 180 people.

Now imagine what that kind of productivity would do for your next Board report!

Mastering Time is filled with the most powerful strategies and techniques to help your people develop the skills of time management  effortlessly.  I’ve taught them to thousands of people during the last 12 years working with all of these companies and many more:

“Time management systems work, it’s mostly just common sense; and yet many people still feel disorganised, stressed and out of control.  So what’s missing?  What is the master key?”

Sarah Milward“We wanted to help our Business Development Managers achieve a better work life balance and be more effective.  The Mastering Time programme has been extremely well received and surpassed delegates expectations.  The individuals have improved their focus on their key objectives and regained control of both their work and personal time.  The results showed that most achieved between a 5% and 15% improvement in productivity, and these results have inspired us to roll-out the programme to our other divisions.”

Sarah Milward, Training Manager, Greene King plc

“By utilising these modern tools and techniques I have no doubt that I will gain back time and maximize my personal energy levels.”

Damon Lawrenson, Founder, DDL Consultancy Ltd

“Simon spoke about “Mastering Time” at the “Social Enterprise Link” Networking event recently. He spoke authoritatively and with humour, demonstrating some very interesting concepts. He was able to answer questions from the audience in a way that helped them solve their own issues and share their hopes and dreams with potential supporters, partners and networkers. Thanks for a great presentation, Simon!”

Vicki Tongeman, Social Enterprise Link

Here’s what you will get in the Mastering Time Development Programme

All participants in our Mastering Time programmes also receive 12 months of email support and automatic membership of the Mastering Time Club which is hosted online 52 weeks a year, enabling you to share your goals and insights and get your questions answered.

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