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bookcover_225pxThanks for coming to this page because I have something really special to share with you.

My latest book, ‘The Complete Guide To Professional Networking‘ is now available in more than 16 countries across the world. It’s packed with strategies, practical techniques and exclusive tips from myself and some of the world’s most successful networkers to help you achieve powerful results.

If you need to communicate in any shape or form with people to generate revenue for your company, or your own business, then this book is an essential addition to your library.

Need More Convincing? Here Are Another 10 Reasons To Grab Your Copy!

I’ve had such great feedback from everyone involved in the project and now, along with many of the experts I interviewed for the book, we want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible – and to help do that, we’re offering a massive bonus package of incredible reports, ebooks and even services to further develop your networking skills and help establish a reputation for your expertise that sets you apart from your competition.

So if you purchase ‘The Complete Guide To Professional Networking‘ today you will also receive the following valuable bonuses:

Andy Lopata – It’s Not Rocket Science Book – RRP £8
Andy LopataAndy Lopata was called one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists by the Financial Times.  Andy was the Managing Director of UK network Business Referral Exchange for eight years. Since then, he has spoken internationally and worked with companies from one-man bands to organisations such as Merrill Lynch, Sage and Mastercard to help them realise their full potential from networking efforts.  “It’s Not Rocket Science” is a pocket sized booklet with ideas and tips to ensure that you make the most of networking events. A must have read, to remind yourself about the do’s and don’ts before you walk into the networking event and see what a difference it can make.
James Potter – LinkedIn Profile Test
JamesPotter.72James Potter – The LinkedIn Man has helped companies of all sizes and types, across IT, management consultancy, sales, software development, accountancy, law and more.  They include the likes of CEB, Dell, HSBC, IBM, O2 and many SMEs and smaller businesses.  With over two thirds of the globe’s business professionals on LinkedIn, you have access to the biggest live database of business professionals on the planet! Not only can you identify the people you want to meet, but you can also identify the people who can introduce you to them.  The LinkedIn Profile Test will help you determine how ready you are to make the most of this amazing business tool.
Keith Keller – Crack the Twitter Code
KeithKeller72Keith Keller is well known internationally as “The Global Twitter Marketing Specialist”.  He has appeared on numerous radio shows, teleseminars, webinars and Google hangouts across the US & Canada, UK & Europe, as well as Australasia. Discover how to use Twitter to build your brand and find your niche. Twitter Marketing 4 Creative Souls will enable you to Crack the Twitter Code.
Linda Parkinson Hardman – How To be A Rockstar Blogger
ParkinsonHardman72Linda Parkinson Hardman is a Social Entrepreneur and Founder of the Hysterectomy Association; Social Media Strategist at Internet Mentor; Speaker; Writer and author of eight non-fiction books about both business and women’s health, one novel and one short story. Linda has also become a prolific blogger having attracted a global audience of over 200,000 visitors per month to her first niche website. How to be a Rockstar Blogger explains how you can connect with your audience and help the people you care about.
Mike Turner – Upgrade Your Facebook Page – worth £50
Mike TurnerThis online course is guaranteed to show you the best way to properly set up and optimise your business page for greatest effect and to help it get found on Google as well as Facebook. Upgrade Your Facebook Page will help you discover, connect and engage with your audience and most of all how to make the very best return on your investment in time and money.
Rob Brown – The Networking Follow Up Checklist – Value £17
RobBrownRob Brown is Head of the Global Networking Council and host of the online Networking Giants Radio Show with the world’s top networking gurus – many of whom are featured in The Complete Guide to Professional Networking. The Networking Follow Up Checklist is filled with “Proven tips to turn your business cards into real business!” and Rob is offering it for free as part of this amazing offer.
Tom Ball – £10 NearDesk Discount
Tom BallThe NearDesk mission is: A million people working near home one day per week. Steering this revolutionary company closer towards that mission is Tom Ball. He also found a spare five minutes to help us with the book and now he has created a great offer for anyone wishing to set up temporary office for the day almost anywhere in the UK. This £10 Discount is a great offer if you are on a flying visit from overseas or just networking while you’re “in town.”
Vanda North – Dealing With Problems And Change eBook – Value £49
Vanda NorthVanda North is the founder of Mind Chi and an international best-selling author and speaker with a truly global audience. She is the past President of the International Society for Accelerated Learning & Teaching, and has a lifelong passion for helping people with ‘Learning Differences’ – maximizing every brain’s potential. Most importantly for us, Vanda is also a phenomenal teacher and in this special edition ebook, Dealing With Problems And Change, she will help you deal with any change you are facing in life.
Simon Ellinas – Half Price Cariacture: Value £30
Simon EllinasAs well as being the genius behind all the great caricatures and cartoons in the book (and on this page), Simon has featured in magazines, national papers and multinational advertising campaigns for over 30 years. He is in constant demand at major conferences and many of his caricatures of the rich and famous have gone viral on Twitter! Now you too can have your very own Digital Caricature and spread it all over the interweb for just half the discount price Simon reserves for his top clients.

And yours truly …

Simon Phillips – 10 x Networking Webinars – Value £99
Simon Phillips“The Complete Guide to Professional Networking” was written to make the world of networking accessible to everyone. Now this series of Networking Webinars breaks down all the great lessons from the book into 10, easily digested, intimate conversations. Covering everything from preparing for your first networking event through to some of the more detailed strategies for getting the most out of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Together the 10 webinars form the second part of the “Join The Greats” online development programme and collectively provide you with all you need to become a great networker.
Total Actual Value Of These Bonuses: More than £260 (1000%)

Listen, this isn’t a load of randomly cobbled together stuff to ethically bribe you into buying ‘The Complete Guide To Professional Networking‘ – every single one of these items can be used to help more people see you as the go-to expert or thought-leader on your particular topic, attracting more people into your network, effortlessly.

Most authors – naming no names – don’t really care about what happens after their book is sold.

I’m not like that. I WANT you to get the best results possible from my book and I believe in conjunction with these bonus tools, reports and services … you will!

What you need are tools to implement what you’re going to learn … and that’s what these bonuses are all about!

OK, OK Simon! How Can I Get My Hands
On These Cool Bonuses?

All you have to do is buy your copy of ‘The Complete Guide To Professional Networking‘ on Amazon (Kindle or Paperback) using the big orange order button below.