Inspiring And Enabling People
To Make A Difference

Accelerated and Sustainable Performance

How do we implement change even quicker and make it stick

The key to unlocking the enormous potential within your organisation is to develop a resilient mindset – but what does this mean?  In short, it means an army of people that are able to cope with change, explore it’s possibilities and become early adopters of new ways of working.

You know that the pace of change is accelerating and  if you have to go through a process of cajoling and persuading your staff to just consider the potential benefits of change every time it comes around, you are wasting valuable time and money.  Far better to help them understand the benefits of viewing change differently and developing their skillsets to thrive on change and become more productive, valuable members of the team.

Achieving this requires action on two fronts :

  1. The development of a core team of change experts and
  2. The exposure of the entire workforce to new ways of thinking and working.

Simesco has been instrumental in establishing many service improvement and change management teams and hundreds of change agents across all industries.  We have also helped thousands of people to adopt new ways of working and thinking that has doubled their individual and team effectiveness.  The top business leaders in the world consistently say “People are our greatest asset” and at Simesco we know how to help you get the best return on your investment!

Staying ahead of the game in your field requires passion…across the whole organisation!

There are more people employed by the NHS than any company in the world and, as a whole system, it is rightly regarded around the world as a leading light in healthcare.  However, in recent years, the employees have been through unprecedented levels of change, so how are standards maintained and what prevents staff from simply walking away?  The answer is a passion for the work that is being done AND an acceptance that it is always changing.  No-one that we have ever met inside the NHS expects there to be any constant except change itself.  As a result, when change is proposed, everyone remains focused on the vision and values of the NHS and performance is maintained.

Now, we know that most businesses do not generate the same levels of passion as the NHS, but if you build a team of people who understand the fundamentals of change management, you can maintain performance in turbulent times.

Simesco’s “DELTA Change Leader development programmes” combine no-nonsense guidance with practical experience.  We work with individuals and whole teams to leave you with in-house experts that can deliver change consistently.  We provide coaching for experienced individuals and training and mentoring for new change agents as they implement their first projects.

Call us to discuss your unique challenges.

The 24/7 System created by Simesco CEO, Simon Phillips, pioneered the use of Life Maps to help individuals maximise their effectiveness in life and, critically, at work.  The Simesco approach to time management focuses on WHY someone may wish to get better at utilising the 24 hours available to them every day.  Thus armed, the array of tools and techniques available to improve efficiency are taken up more rapidly and used habitually.  Success is not a one time event, it is an accumulation of all the things that you do repeatedly.

Simesco’s Mastering Time programme can be delivered live or as a Home Study programme!

Simon Phillips brings a fresh and radical approach to the practice of time management, moving the concept very much into the business world of today – Ron Oliver, MBA, BEd, MCIPDFormer Head of the University for Lloyds TSB

For a confidential, no obligation discussion on how you can increase the resilience and double the effectiveness of your organisation, contact Simon Phillips (Simesco CEO).

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