Inspiring And Enabling People
To Make A Difference

Recognised as one of the most creative and innovative personal development specialists in business today, Simon Phillips is passionate about showing people how they can leave one legacy in this world, with inspiring yet practical guidance.  As an international best-selling author, trainer, organizational consultant, speaker and mentor, he continues to inspire people to truly be the best they can be.

Simon started his career with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in their pioneering Change Management division.  Whilst there, he worked with leading companies across the UK, Europe and South Africa.  In 2000 he formed Simesco as a training and consultancy business.  Through Simesco, Simon has helped clients introduce new ways of working and teams to thrive on diversity and combined strengths – winning a National Training Award in 2005.

More recently, Simon has been asked, as Guest Lecturer, to share his knowledge on “How to make Culture Change Work” with MBA students at Portsmouth Business School and mentoring leading executives on the key skills that help them thrive in an increasingly complex world.

As well as Directing his own business, Simon is also passionate about helping people make a difference to the people in their world.





~ Time Management 24/7 (McGraw Hill : 2003)

~ Business Wise (Ecademy Press : 2006)

Sustaining Lean Healthcare Programmes (Ecademy Press : 2008)

Mastering Time 24/7: how to work less, deliver more and live a Great life! (eBook 2011) – Available now

And Now:

~ The Complete Guide to Professional Networking: The secrets of online and offline success (Kogan Page : 2014)