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Simon Phillips is the leading authority on how to turn your dreams into reality – both in business and in life. His practical tools and techniques have been shared with thousands of personal clients and major corporates. Whether your challenge is balancing your life, fulfilling your potential or doubling the effectiveness of your teams, Simon can help you get there…quickly and painlessly.


Simon's talks have helped 1,000s of people, from chief execs to solo entrepreneurs, to better understand their own challenges and get the best out of the people around them. His mission is to inspire you to make a difference to the people in your life.
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The work of a Mentor is to inspire and enable you to live the life of your dreams. What's holding you back right now? If you are at a crossroads in life and feel like there is more that you'd like to give, what's going to make the difference?
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Simon's award-winning personal development programmes literally transform lives. From Mastering Time to building Networks for Life, these programmes combine practical tools and techniques with real life experience and deliver consistent, proven, results.
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